1.: 35,000 tons pool, 2,000 tons of water tower, compressor stations and electric engine room 2. Towers lowest water level: 20M 3. Elevation is scheduled to land: About 245M 4. Towers of the total height of about = 47M 5. In a simple style, a unique (On behalf of the images on the west side of the entrance), the main structure with two-row 5 a square steel column supporting the top of the rectangular box to store water, use of the water tower design will be embedded in the water tank before and after the second plane wall, so that to avoid the appearance of the tanks to see direct traffic , To reduce the traditional heavy water tower and give it a great visual images to increase the Western region’s unique landscape features. Special landscape will look a platform of subsidiary function space in the planning of the water tower overhead of 33.5 meters above the ground, to shape the water tower for areas Kossi landmark landscape imagery.

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