The Last of its kind in Service – Boeing B747-146B

Airline: Orient Thai Airlines
Type: Boeing 747-146B/SR/SUD
Registration: HS-UTM
Serial: 23637/655

In 1986, two -100BSR SUD models, featuring the stretched upper deck (SUD) of the -300, were produced for JAL. The type’s maiden flight occurred on February 26, 1986, with FAA certification and first delivery on March 24, 1986. JAL operated the -100BSR SUD with 563 seats on domestic routes until their retirement in the third quarter of 2006. While only two -100BSR SUDs were produced, in theory, standard -100Bs can be modified to the SUD certification. Overall, 29 747SRs were built, including seven -100SR, 20 -100BSR, and two -100BSR SUD models.

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