The Trollhattan Falls

What the Niagara Falls are for the USA and Canada is Trollhättan Falls for Sweden. But in smaller dimentions. But noisy as Niagara Falls.

In the years 1800, 1844 and 1916 locks were build to control the flow from the lake Vänern so boats could sail down to Kattegat. And to produce electricity.

The water falls 32 meters from 3 locks with 300 m3 water per second. Originally it was 900 m3. That happens 3 days a year.

3 days in July Trollhättan celebrates a festival and they open the locks several times a day. 2009 it’s from July 17-19.

That you can see on this video:

In the GE image the locks are closed so you can’t see the falls. But you can see it in the enclosed photo.

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