Tsunami of Uummannaq summer 1995

In the summer of 1995 an iceberg broke in two pieces and it rolled round. The result was a huge tsunami rolling towards the city of Uummannaq.

In the bay of Uummannaq local fishermen and hunters had their boats an on a small island a hunter had his dogs chained. A few days before a local plumber had recieved a load of iron pipes they were placed on a barge in the bay.

As the tsunami wave hit the bay the boats were tossed towards the beach. Some hunters were in their boats but luckily they made it to come up the cliffs.

The barge tipped around and the load landed in the water. The worst sound was the sound from the howling dogs on the island. They were torn down into the water because of the chains and drowned.

The day before I arrived in Ummannaq to meet with some customers for the company I worked for an on this day I was out for a walk. Unfortunately without camera but a local resident had his with him to film this tsunami.

The video on Youtube:



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