First 3D-city outside USA

Google Earth offers more than 30 cities in 3D – all in the USA. Now Google is going to offer a new city in 3D – outside the USA!
The online version of the German news magazine Spiegel reports, that Google Earth is going to offer the first 3D city outside the USA. Within the next days or weeks, the German city Hamburg will be available. Hundreds of models with detailed textures will display downtown Hamburg.

Historical city hall of Hamburg
The complete article with a picture series and a little movie here – unfortunately only in German.

Update: Ogle Earth has a bit more info here.

Update: The first buildings are available!ย 

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  1. I live San Juan Argentina today 38ยบ
    I think this blog write spanihs too.
    Comenzare contandoles que San juan esta a 1200 Km de Buenos Aires en plena Cordillera de los Andes
    Saludos a todos

  2. We plan on launching some features in other languages in the very near future. However, this particular blog will likely stay English-only.

  3. well finally. Lets move on and on and conquer a 3D Europe. I am from Prague and believe me, seeing the Prague castle just lying on the surface… Brrrr
    Anyway, cannot w8 to see Hamburg once more, this time from the comfort of my armchair ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. First 3d city outside the USA?

    I know most Americans think Canada is the 51st state…but Vancouver, Canada has been available in 3D for months now…

  5. Very cool idea, i live only about 100 Km west of Hamburg. Gotta check to out! ๐Ÿ˜€