GEH launches YourMap

YourMapWe’re proud to announce the launch of YourMap, a tool to make embedding a Google Map as easy as possible.

By filling out a simple form, code is generated that you can put on your site.  The code is platform independent, meaning it will work with almost any hosting provider.

Along with showing the map of your location, this program will also generate a Google Earth KML for your users.

Go check out the demo map, see a list of other sites already using YourMap, or try it yourself!

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  1. Very nice, Mickey. I am looking forward to this. As a suggestion, I would love to see Google Earth find a way to work with Macromedia. We have an Interactive Campus Map which helps people find where to go on our campus. I saw the recent post of Westport, Ireland going 3D. Google Earth, of course, can’t see inside the buildings while Macromedia can the inside with a map (which can be clicked and made interactive). In addition, you can imbed QuickTime Virtual Reality into the Macromedia map and be able to click on things inside buildings. So, imagine the whole package. Google Earth for the outside and external 3D and then add a Macromedia option (or something similar) to “see” inside the building. Now that would be cool!

  2. I agree – that would be very cool.

    It’s almost semi-doable now, since GE supports Flash. If you were to build a QT VR into a flash file, then loaded that into the description bubble of a 3D building, a user could:

    – See the building
    – Click for details
    – Move through the QT VR in the bubble.

    It’s not true 3D inside, but it’s probably the next step.