Major StreetView update today

Google has just released a TON of new imagery for StreetView — 37 new areas, 10 new parks and recreation areas, and expanded coverage in 15 cities.  It’s quite staggering.

If you find something cool in all of that new imagery, don’t forget to submit it to our ever-growing StreetView gallery.

More information about this release can be found on the Digital Earth Blog or the Google LatLong Blog.

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  1. What happened ?!! With this June-10th update all hi-res pictures of Chicago are gone and on top of this many street views are missing !!! Go check it out ! All I could see were pretty bad quality low-res images. Is that called a HUGE update ??? I hope that they are just in some kind of “transitional state” and will fix it soon. Otherwise I really can’t get it. What was the point?