More enhancements to pmShare

We’ve just added a category selection when you add items to pmShare.  This is used primarily to show different icons in GE for the different types of items that are added.  If you add your local McDonald’s, it shows their logo.  If you add a baseball stadium, it shows a baseball icon.

With this in place, it’ll make it easier to quickly tell what you’re looking at simply by looking at the icons.  As the database grows, this information could be very useful to someone moving to a new area or looking to go on vacation.

I know some of you are thinking that this could make the network link a big mess – and you’re right!  Left untouched, the small places like McDonald’s would overwhelm the cool places like baseball stadiums, mountains, zoos, etc.

That’s why we’ve just added a SmartView feature to the network link.  The network link will still show you 50 locations inside of your viewing window, but it will make the more important ones a priority. Places like baseball stadiums, zoos, theme parks and mountains are top prority; schools, churches and major retail outlets are second priority; places like McDonald’s and Kroger are bottom priority.

This means that when you’re zoomed out, you’ll only see the important things.  As you zoom in closer on an area, smaller details will start to pop-up.

Let us know what you think about these new additions.