More plug-in goodness

We’ve just added support for the Google Earth plug-in to another area of our site — the collections.

Now, when viewing a collection you will see a link that says “View this entire collection using the Google Earth plug-in”.  This will bring up a page with the plug-in on the left and the collected files on the right.  Click a thumbnail to fire it in the main window.  It makes browsing collections much easier!  Here is an example using the NASCAR collection.

But we’ve taken it a step further.  If you see a collection that you like, you can grab the embed code and embed it on your site!  The script will build a smaller, more lightweight version of the collection designed to run on your site.  Here is the NASCAR collection using the embed code:

Since we’ve already built support for you to view our entire collection of 20,000+ placemarks using the plug-in, it only makes sense that we give you the power to embed those, too.  If you view ANY of our files on their Google Earth Plug-in page (like this page for the Hoover Dam), there is some embed code on there now, too!  Here is the Hoover dam using the embed code:

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know.

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