More prizes for the “10 million” contest

Google SwagThere is a just a little more time to enter our “10 millionth download” contest – probably less than 24 hours.  Google has just sent me a package with a variety of fun prizes – a few t-shirts, yo-yos, paper notebooks and light-up pins.  We’re going to expand the prizes to five winners, with the following:

  • 1st prize –  A 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator and your choice of a piece of Google swag.
  • 2nd prize – Same as first
  • 3rd-5th prize – Your choice of a piece of Google swag, based on what’s left after the previous winners have made their picks.

This contest is open until we reach 9,950,000 downloads.  We’re at 9,942,247 right now, and we get about 10,000/day.  At that pace, we’ll be past 9,950,000 before this time tomorrow.

You can enter in this thread or get more details here. Good luck!

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