New StreetView maps in Google Maps

Google has just released a great new feature in Google Maps – streetview. It’s very similar to the old “A9 Maps” that Amazon had, but quite a bit more slick. Just go to Google Maps and click on the “Street View” button at the top near the normal “Map”, “Hybrid”, and “Satellite” buttons. So far it’s available in five cities – San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami and New York.

For more info check out Frank Taylor’s detailed post at gearthblog.

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  1. Doesnt anyone else find this to be an invasion of privacy? A burglar can case your house and know when you come and go—that’s just an example of how this could be used for the wrong reasons. I can’t believe google is allowed to do this.

  2. While the argument can be made that its an invasion of privacy, your example isn’t valid. These are one-time photos taken some unknown date in the past — not updated photos so people know when you come and go.

    As for whether or not its a privacy violation, that’s for you to decide.

  3. No not a privacy violation, they aren’t watching you 24/7, they map a city once and probably only update things if there are major changes to the roads.

  4. When I google my own home, 9539 Pinyon Trail 80124, it is identified as being Highlands Ranch, CO. The City of Lone Tree comprises apporximately 90% of 80124. The remainder of 80124 is unincorporated Douglas County. No part of 80124 is in Highlands Ranch (Highlands Ranch is an unincorporated metro district in Douglas county). I would like to see our City correctly identified on your maps.

  5. Patricia,

    You’ll need to contact Google about that. We didn’t create the maps — we’re just a fan site.

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