New version of GE released!

As announced by Google Earth Blog, Google has released the beta version of Google Earth 4.1 today.  Among the enhancements:

SpaceNavigator support for the Mac.  The very cool 3D SpaceNavigator device now works in GE on the Mac.

Tips. When you first open GE, you’ll get a “tips” window.  Very helpful for beginners.

Starting Location. A new “starting location” is added to your My Places folder, based on what country version of GE you’re using.

View in Google Maps. A simple button has been added to show your current view in Google Maps.  Very slick!

New installation process and new languages. The installer is a bit different and GE 4.1 now supports Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Korean, Arabic and Czech.

You can download this new version on the official Google Earth download page.

Have fun!