Significant improvment to our “most popular files” page

While it’s still not perfect, we’ve made some improvements to our “most popular files” page. It used to be simply a list of our files, ranked by how many times they’ve been downloaded. The obvious downside is that once a file gets up there, it’s not likely to ever come down (since the total number of downloads will keep increasing).

The new page is similar, in that they’re ranked by number of downloads. However, the count used for that page is reset each month so that newer files have a chance to reach the top. We know it’s not an ideal solution, but it’s a step in the right direction. We have plans to improve it even further, but figured we’d go ahead and put this first step in place.

We’ve gone ahead and launched our new ranking algorithm.  It takes into account various data from the past few days, including when the file has been downloaded most, whether it was a member or non-member that downloaded it each time, etc.  This is reflected in the “Popularity Rating” listed next to each item on the page.  Over the next few days it should become more and more accurate.

Go check it out!


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